Big Brother 7: Grace is a cow!

Do you think Big Brother is trying to tell Grace something?

Promotions Assistant Grace has been given her task for the day. She will be dressed as a cow, while holding a ‘Milk’ sign, for four hours. She’s over the moo-n.

Yesterday Grace had it quite easy. She had to hold a sign for her whole shift, but was still able to parade around in her bikini. Today, her sign must point to where the milk is at all times and she is udderly boiling in her costume.

Grace went into the Diary Room a bikini-wearing human and came out a big cow with flapping udders. The housemates cheered and whistled when they saw her transformation.

It was the obvious joke, but someone had to say it and Richard did the honours: “Grace, you are such a cow!”

Grace laughed it all off: “I am roasting… but it’s quite amusing isn’t it?”

You don’t look so amused now though Grace, hovering around the fridge in a cow suit.

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