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Theater Titanick @ Castlefield Arena

Theater Titanick - Insect

The Streets Ahead Festival kicks of again tonight with a showing of Insect by Theater Titanick at the Castlefield arena. This is going to be a huge outdoor show with fireworks, water and gaint machines. Titanick at played Manchester in 1997 to a crowd of 8,000 people so tonights show should be pretty spectacular.

Insect’ is based around an East German morality tale and describes living creatures’ ever-present urge to fly. In this case, the creatures are wingless ants, who, in the gradual evolution of all life, produce their first offspring with wings. The show plays out the jealousy and rage of the parents, juxtaposed with their pride of and need to protect their young. In true Theater Titanick style, the show is performed on an epic scale. The ants are enormous mechanical creations; there is fire, water, things arrive by crane and take off along a runway. The struggle for flight will never seem the same again!

more information here and here.

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Crop Circles

A large and mysterious crop circle has appeared in Yorkshire, somewhere south of Rotherham and east of Sheffield. It’s not known how or when they appeared but the strange markings seem to resemble a language of some sort. Click the image below to see if you can decipher it.

Crop circle

The circles can also the viewed on Google maps.

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One eyed kitten

There seems to be a story going round t’interweb about a one eyed kitten. It looks very strange obviously, but I am not sure if the photo is fake or not though. More

One eyed kitten

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