Big Brother 8: Sam and Amanda

Guess who?

Yep! It’s the ‘twincredible’ Sam and Amanda Marchant. The EVIL twins from Big Brother that are terrorising pooches everywhere with their high pitched squealing! 

Apparently, they’re studying Social Work at Manchester University. GAH!

Can you imagine them as Social Workers?

Wwwwwoooooo! ”Urm we have to place your kids into care… Wwwwwoooooo!. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure your daughter wears pink everyday! Wwwwwoooooo!.

“Hiiii… how’s the methadone working out for you? Is it totally gorge? Oh no… it’s GREEN? Icky. Needs to be pink. Do you like our matching clothes?”

7 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Sam and Amanda”

  • as a social worker i am completely shocked man met allowed them onto the course – its so not right for them! Unbelievable.

    Seriously, what are these unis playing at?

  • i luv the twins they arrrrrreee wiiiiiccckkkked!TWINS TO WIN!

  • leave em alone they’re well fit – yes they’re annoying but just press mute when they’re talking.

  • As a social worker I am appalled at Manchester Met at letting these girls onto their course. Can you imagine them intervening in family life and making the decsion to remove or not to remove children from birth parents? How terrifying is that? They will propbaly go on from big brother have enormous silicone impants pose naked togehter and hopefully never be heard of again. At least they will have been struck of our professional register. if nothing else.

  • I luv the twins and anyway they are probably good at being social workers- you never know, you just judge them!
    Twins or Brian 2 win! =)

  • Maybe the twins are still just a bit emotionally imature to make good social workers but when they’ve grown up a bit, who knows?
    By the standards people usually set to judge who deserves to win i’d say they do. They’ve been completely themselves and quite charming from day 1.
    Brian wasn’t quite himself for the first few weeks, pretending to be a bit simple. Entertaining though it was, it was an act.

  • they rockadeedooda

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